Shit's floatin', yo.
Mighty Umera is the capital city of all the world, its magnificent mass piercing the wide sky for hundreds of miles. It is the capital of culture and of commerce, where all the civilized races of the world congregate and grow together within the most fabulous technology of this or any age.

That is to say, it was the city that had recently risen out of the sky when the War began, and so was spared the brunt of its ravages. Other floating cities, their magical tetherings cut, crashed to earth with predictable destruction, and Umera, for reasons unknown, did not. These were the greatest of its strokes of luck.

The city is a large swathe of continent, roughly diamond shaped. Its dimensions are impossible to record, but it is said that to observe the entire city at once, one must be far enough away to see the curve of the planet below it. No one has confirmed this, as immigration from another city is extremely rare, and they are all much lower to the ground.

The upper layers, visible by airship, are gilded gold and towering; but only for the hardy, as they are above the clouds and bitterly cold. The rest of the city is built deep into the rock. Below, massive engines rumble and shake the city’s hollow bones, keeping it flying by some mechanism no one lived to understand.


Umera is closer to a small nation to a single city; it contains everything necessary for self-reliance and the support of countless people, and its sheer vastness ensures that there is space enough for everyone and everything. Accounts hold that its layout is far from simple, and the various districts twist and wend around each other with no apparent logic, joined together by the transit that makes navigation around such an incredibly tall place possible. Some districts are spread in isolated islands across several miles, connected by rail lines; others are said to occupy single buildings. Overall, the city can be divided into four quarters, organized roughly by height;

The Blue Quarter

Home of most of The University’s presence in the city, this quarter is devoted to both the lofty institution of thaumic education and the governance of the city as a whole.

The White Quarter

Home of the city’s merchant classes, this quarter is open and sprawling, filled with wide plazas, grand homes and offices, and fine art adorning every rail stop and archway. This is also the location of Umera’s upper transit centre and airship dock, its main point of contact with the outside world.

The Gold Quarter

The main hub of production in Umera, this is essentially the factory district, where the continued growth and maintenance of the city is managed and most of its mundane needs are produced.

The Green Quarter

Verdant and lush, the green quarter is home to both most of the city’s food production and also some of its finest artisans. Located as it is below the Gold Quarter, it is somewhat isolated from the bustle of the city above, but this gives it a tranquility that lets its inhabitants work in peace. It is the home district of the mysterious and rarely seen elves, who maintain a seclusive culture all their own in the carefully maintained forests.


Umera is governed by an elected council, currently one of 12 members, who oversee matters of the city’s welfare as a whole. It is their responsibility to manage the various administrative bureaus and consider the needs of the individual districts, each of which has its own representatives. One of its most important functions is to liason with the University, and ensure that the technological needs of the populace are being met.





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