What’s all this, then?

This is a D&D game. Are you sure you’re on the right website?

Ah, so this is going to be one of those “clever” self-aware FAQs, then.

I’m sorry, that wasn’t in the form of a question. Also, no, shut up.

Who are you?

We are Majin and Kal, Co-DMs of this hot mess. We’ve been gaming on and off for far too many years of our short little lives, and are avid writers who enjoy playing with existing archetypes a little bit too much.

As Co-DMs, we will be… um, cooperating as DMs, and running the game simultaneously. This allows us to collaborate on the whole mess, and also ensures that you get as much fun out of all this as possible.

What’s this campaign about?

The huuuubris of maaaaaaan! Or something like that. More particularly, it’s an exercise in taking the massively overpowered magic of 3.5 D&D to their supernatural conclusion.

Magic is everywhere, everyone has what they need, and utopia has come. And gone again, because even in a magically perfect world, people will still be people.

It owes rather a lot to cyberpunk, particularly William Gibson, and is about as brassy-Steampunk as it comes in aesthetic. It gets weirder the farther down you go, but we can’t say any more without spoiling things.

What can I expect from this campaign?

A very different sort of D&D experience.

No, really, we’re not just saying that to make it sound special; this is not going to be a traditional game. To begin with, to create the world we wanted to we’ve had to stretch many of the rules until they snapped, and make some new ones to go in their place. We’re firm believers in telling a good story, and have a habit of playing fast and loose with the dice; we won’t fudge rolls, but we will make up checks and systems off the top of our heads as we go.

You will routinely be thrown up against obstacles that by sheer stats you have absolutely no hope of defeating, both in and out of combat. We think the greatest joy of D&D is the ability to do more or less whatever you please if the dice are kind, and we tend to be fond of outlandish stunts and Shenanigans, capital S emphasized. Lateral thinking is the name of the game; this world was broken by bending the rules, and the only way you’re gonna fix it is by bending them some more.

Are there any caveats to that?

Ooh, very apropos question. You may have noticed that setting things up the way we have has left approximately one million exploitable loopholes; the potential for powergaming and munchkining is immense. We have a solution to this!

We’re going to ask you politely not to.

Seriously. At least one of us is willing to let you get away with more or less anything so long as it means a better story for everyone, and we’d like you not to abuse that trust. Work with us to make your character, talk to us between sessions, and help us make this the best game we can; you’re not going to enjoy it, otherwise. Especially because, as mentioned above, you’ll be up against things that will stomp you flat no matter how minmaxed you are.

Also: if you consider yourself very familiar with the rules, you almost definitely know them better than we do. Don’t be afraid to make suggestions or call us out if we make mistakes, but remember sometimes there’s a method to our madness.

What should I do before I start this campaign?

Read the intro on the wiki, in helpfully abridged or long-form version depending on your preference, and any other relevant bits you happen to find interesting. Then read about Drakeport, and begin constructing your character. Talk with us and your fellow players about it, and construct the stats around the character, not the other way around. When everyone has themselves finalized, we’ll begin.

What’s the deal with Drakeport?

Drakeport is kind of an experiment of ours; it’s the city everyone is coming from to the main setting of the campaign, and may eventually be returned to later depending on how things go. We have a simple outline for the very basics of the city, but aside from that it’s more or less tabula rasa. In writing your character, you have free reign to come up with anything relevant to their backstory and, so long as it doesn’t step on anyone else’s toes, it will be canon for the city. Between the lot of you, hopefully the end result will be a fully structured and interesting city that your characters share a history from.

It’s not mandatory, of course, but we thought it would be an interesting way to start.

What’s the deal with this wiki?

Pretty barren, huh? That’ll change, no worries. Umera, where the bulk of the game is set, is a strange and complicated place, and as you see more of it, relevant information will be posted here. Some bits may be visible to other players and not you, and vise versa; if not everyone in-character knows it, not everyone out of character will know it either.

Anything else?

Oh! Um.

Never put jam on a magnet. See? Words of wisdom. You can trust us.


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