Once upon a time, Drakeport was a vibrant port city, a shining gem of culture and commerce casting its light out onto the sea.

Then again, once upon a time, there was a sea.

Drakeport is still a mighty metropolis, but its days as a hub of travel are all but done. Now, like other citystates, it is almost entirely self-sufficient, sprawling for miles along the former coastline to encompass all of its needs.


Drakeport is centered around what was once a sizable and deep bay, ringed by islands at its outlet. The sea that once filled it has long since receded, though, and now it sits atop steep cliffs that once marked the edge of the drop into the deepest waters. A good portion of the city is built into the cliffs themselves, as well, though the lowest point is still fathoms above the cracked and blasted sea bottom.


Drakeport is ruled by an “Imperator”, an odd hybrid of monarch and elected official. A family is elected to the position of rule, and thereafter leadership of the city is passed down through bloodlines until either the family steps down, it dies off, or their leadership is deemed unsatisfactory and a new election is held. The current rulers of the city are the Seiyezeire family, a long and proud Yuan-ti bloodline that has held the position for the past 70 years.


Drakeport is one of the few citystates to maintain resources that are not magically produced; as it lies on what was once an ocean cliff, it boasts extensive deposits of both salt and aquamarine. The former has inspired a trend of non magically aided spice production in the city, and, as naturally produced foods and spices are considered vastly superior in taste to their magical alternative, products from the city have allowed it to be one of the few that maintains consistent export to other citystates.


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