Aboard the airship

The airship Notromos has been docked in Drakeport for the past 30 years. That’s not unusual for ships of its size; citystates are isolated and usually self-sufficient, and trade is rare, certainly not on a scale that would require what was once a flagship.

Some things, however, are worth sailing for. The daughter of the Imperator of Drakeport is getting married, to a member of the Council of Umera, a major political move that everyone knows is calculated to bring increased University presence to the smaller city. Still, an excuse is an excuse, so the Notromos has been refitted and cleaned for its first trip in decades. Tons of cargo has been loaded and secured within the lower hulls, and the decks and cabins swarm with people, many with all their possessions packed alongside them. A trip to the unofficial capital of the continent is a once in a lifetime opportunity for most, and the floating city is spoken of in terms of wonder even in a society filled with marvels.


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